Love My Recurring #Cashslaves – #FinancialDomination

I often am asked how many regulars I have. The truth is, I have far more “semi-regulars” and, their brags aside, I think the same is true for most cashmasters.

There are a couple reasons for this. One is that cashslaves aren’t made out of money – though don’t I wish I could find a sugarslave! 😉 Some are content with small regular tributes but others prefer the rush of a big spend – but that means they need to then retreat until they build back up.

Another reason is some just like to go from master to master because they have no loyalty. Some masters they’ll never go back to, for they realize those masters don’t provide them with the thrill, humiliation, pleasure, or other feeling they are seeking. But some do, and those they return to.

My hypnosis has a way of getting in a sub’s head. Even if it’s been a while, it doesn’t take much for them to think about what they really crave deep down…. how they know deep within that they want to just let go and give in to my programming. There is a need deep inside to give…. a desire deep inside to provide for a Superior…. a craving deep down within themselves to allow a Dominant man inside their heads… fuck with their minds a little… and remind them just exactly why they love to keep coming back to me and TRIBUTE NOW.

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