Increase Your #Debt – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I’ve working with an ATM all summer who had previously been programmed by another hypnotist that the sub lost touch with. Combining some of the installed triggers with my own techniques, we’ve been increasing the pleasure he feels each time he gives… as he is more about the pleasure of financial domination than the humiliation of it – which I love. I love making guys feel pleasure as they tribute their Superior.

He has been only doing small amounts here and there as he could afford without going into debt. But he’s been feeling so much pleasure, he’s constantly drawn to pay me more. I try to be respectful of sub’s limits always – I’m a nice guy even as I manipulate inferiors into knowing their place beneath me (or perhaps that makes me evil – a wolf in sheep’s clothing? 😉 ). He once gave me permission to go further and encourage financial ruin – but while enjoying it in the moment, regretted it later and I respectfully backed off that angle.

Last night, he started to remember about how he had previously been encouraged to increase his debt to reduce his Master’s debts – and the thought made his dick so very hard. So we proceeded down this new path – more severe than “what one can afford” but not quite as severe as encouraging ruin, just encouraging a lot of debt whether that results in ruin or not. And he LOVES it. So do I, because it means bigger, higher amount$ more worthy of my time.

So go ahead slaves – send me a TRIBUTE NOW … helping Master Josh the HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud to pay off his debts, as you add to your own. Feel that pleasure of serving a true Superior… feel how hard your cock gets as you click on an amount… then a higher amount. Be it looking at your Niteflirt balance or credit card statements or anything else, seeing your funds decrease and what you owe increase is just such a turn on when you know you’ve given that money to a Superior like Me. If you buy stuff for yourself, it’s just debt that stresses you out. But when that money is given to Master Josh, you look at that debt and feel yourself getting so turned on…. feeling so much pleasure…. for that is the power of my hypnosis…. my voice… my words…. TRIBUTE NOW!!!!

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