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Financial ruin isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure… but some people can’t get enough of the fantasy. Whether you truly seek bankruptcy or just want to jerk off again and again to the file, this is one fucking seriously warped hypnosis mindfuck to get you prepped not just to give away all your money, but to enjoy giving it all to the cashmaster that deserves it most – Master Josh, the Hypno Superior and Financial Domination Stud (in other words, ME).

Stroke yourself into submission with this erotic hypnosis mp3 for financial domination and learn how much you crave the ultimate in humiliation and domination, taking you to the brink of total ruin. No need to worry – you can always rebuild – and besides, isn’t this what a loser like you deserves? Give me all your savings, go into debt as you send me more and more paid with credit cards… further and further into that ruin. You know where to find the file – but first an audio clip below. And don’t forget to start sending that money NOW!

“Incredible file. This Dom really gets into your head. Blew twice last night listening to this file and feeling the need to tribute growing.”

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