#Hypnosis #Fetish #FinancialDomination – How Did Yours Start?

I’m always interested in why people are the way they are… what makes a man crave that humiliation of being put in his place by a Master? What gives an inferior that rush when he tributes cash to a true Superior?

I often don’t ask my financial subs this because honestly – I don’t care so long as you are sending Me that cash (as is only right for you to do).  But I have had this topic discussed with quite a few others I’ve encountered on the hypnosis side of things, as well as certain other fetishes.

For example, some of the guys that enjoy being bullied now were bullied as a kid – but perhaps that bully was a hot guy they secretly lusted after, and so now their cock still gets hard at the thought of bullying.

With hypnosis though, it’s usually a bit more simple – TV and movies. Some common things I’ve seen mentioned included Mowgli hypnotized by the snake Kaa in “The Jungle Book;” mind control / brainwash plots in cartoons such as G.I. Joe, He-Man, and several of the superhero ones; and vampires putting people into trances in several bloodsucker flicks. Of course some discover how arousing it is to them later in life – perhaps seeing a stage show.

Whatever your fetishes, whatever your desires, know matter what dark fantasies you have, and however/wherever those fantasies have sprung from… I love using hypnosis to help you explore these. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of my free hypnosis available on jockmesmerizer.com, pigmesmerizer.com or right here on the bottom of this site’s hypnosis page.

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