A lot of people have financial goals in life. To own a house. A better car. Personally, some of my financial goals include feeling like I can splurge on some overdue dental work – damn that stuff gets expensive! I know it’s not the most exciting but if I won the lottery or was met with a very generous sugar daddy, that’s the sort of thing that’d be on the top of my “big” list. In the meantime, I have shorter, smaller goals – such as all the presents I need to get for family with the upcoming holidays.

Now, I am not so cruel to suggest a sub can’t take of their health or buy family presents at Christmas, but what else is on your financial goal list? The answer should be NOTHING. You see, beyond those basics, a cashslave, moneypig, cashcow, cashfag, ATM – whatever you like to be called, however you like to think of yourself – should not have any financial goals when it comes to things like buying a house or new car. These thoughts should not even enter a sub’s head.

A cash sub can find a cheap place to live. A cash sub can make do with cheap transportation. If a sub has a family, they can take care of the family’s needs, but they must not plan big family vacations. For a cashslave must sacrifice his wants.

What kind of financial goals can a cashslave have?

  • Paying a certain amount/% from each paycheck to Master Josh
  • Working towards bankruptcy / ruin with all going to Master Josh
  • Buying the HypnoSuperior at least one gift every month
  • Paying at least one bill for the FinDomStud every month
  • Paying $1 Every Day
  • Paying $25 Every Week
  • Paying $100 Every Month
  • Working towards $14,000 the Ultimate “Tax-Free” Gift
  • Serving as an obedient ATM
  • Going into debt to reduce Master Josh’s debt

Of course the list is potentially endless, and I’m happy to chat with you about your financial goals and to help encourage you on those financial goals with hypnosis.

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