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Had a great session with ATMpig-k last night. We’ve chatted a few times this week including twice yesterday, once in the afternoon and once while his WIFE slept in the next room, which I know had him feeling humiliated. When she woke up, we had to cut it short… but not before I raked in some cash. He easily spent over $1000 on me this week, which you can see most of was yesterday in the debit (which is set up for the daily withdrawal).

Most of the credits you see are his as well, though a couple came from other triggered ATMs – and I know it feels so right to just automatically give when triggered. The biggest one is the $350 which came with the $500 tribute, of course Niteflirt took their cut which is why it appears less here – but ATMpig-K spent more.


ATMpig-k has a real estate transaction pending which could mean a big windfall My way. Afterall, he’s really just acting as my proxy as he sells it – the profits are already MINE. He’s made a promise. Of course, it’s always hard to tell if inferior moneypigs will keep their word as they often don’t… but so far we’re off to a good start.

And ATMpig-k, I know you crave even more of my training as you come to accept completely that there is no one more worthy of your cash and obedience than Master Josh, the Hypno Superior and Financial Domination Stud.

I might not post the cash amounts too often until my living situation changes, and of course they won’t always be this big… but every little bit you have extra is definitely better spent by a Superior like me, and you losers know it.

And just before I was to post this, I received the following message:

,Honestly speaking, i knew that trance sessions would make me weak and vulnerable and suggestible and end up being expensive-but i also really thought that once i came, really hard, as i did, that id be back to normal “spell broken” so to speak.  i do not think that is the case.  Even after spending so much yesterday, You are all i have thought about today, specially i have thought about buyng the cock craving mp3 because the idea of that is so intense, makes me weak.  im afraid though that it will work very effectively and it truly could spell the end of my and my wifes normal sex life.  Has this traing already become permanent?

Perhaps not permanent yet, that takes time – but surely it is STRONG. Listen to my files, to my voice, and experience the POWER of my words for yourselves!

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