Excerpt from Old #FinancialDomination #CashSlave #Hypnosis Script

I, Master Josh, am superior. I am the Hypno Superior. You know deep down that I am superior and deserve that money more than a peon like you could ever deserve it. And even if you worked hard to earn it, you know that working hard is simply your place in life and that I don’t even need to work to be rewarded because I am superior.

Giving Master Josh such a large sum of money makes you feel weak. It makes you feel inferior. Because you know, deep down, that I am using you for your money. And in a sick, perverted way, that makes you want to give me even more. You love the feeling of being used by me. And that turns you on. It doesn’t matter what you had planned to do with the money, and it doesn’t matter what I do with the money. All that matters is that I want it, and that is enough for you.  And it’s almost humiliating, knowing that you WILL give me this money simply because I have suggested you give it to me here – and even moreso when you listen to my hypnosis and truly feel compelled to send that cash. But you do it anyway, because it turns you on. It turns you on so much to be used by someone superior like me.

And however you choose to pay me, it will feel so right, as if you are giving me an amazing tribute that will give your life meaning. That will give your life purpose. And that will restore balance in the universe, because I was meant to be rewarded by your hard work as I am superior and you are my cash slave.

All that matters is that you are my cash slave. Any extra money that you receive will be sent, somehow, someway, to me, the Hypno Superior. And it will feel absolutely amazing to know that Master Josh is taking complete advantage of both your mind and your bank account. Being used by me will leave you feeling completely humiliated in a way that you’ve never felt before. And that feeling of being humiliated by me and used by me becomes your absolute favorite feeling in the world.

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  1. Master Josh’s mind is so powerful that every thought he has is brilliantly calculated to make his inferiors submit. There’s no point in struggling or trying to avoid submission: He is a God. His powerful mind takes control and molds us to serve his pleasure. Serving him is what we inferiors were born for. It is our duty and calling in life.

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