#EroticHypnosis #MP3 Spotlight – Ultimate Gift – #FinancialDomination

I realize not all my fans are in the U.S., but I was inspired by U.S. tax law to write the erotic hypnosis file I’m spotlighting right now – TheUltimateGift.

You see, in the U.S. current law allows a man to give his spouse, child, close friend up to $14,000 without having to pay a gift tax on it. Anything over and it’s still free for the recipient but the giver has to pay a gift tax. I don’t think tributes really count as a gift (this is my first year getting truly serious about selling files and financial domination, so it will be the first year I consult with someone rather than do it online), so I’ve been setting some extra money into my savings just in case – but I still love the fantasy of someone giving me $14000 in one year.

Even if you’re not in the U.S., you might find it hot to stroke your cock to my voice encouraging you to give $14000 a year. Perhaps it’s only half of that this year… but imagine it. $1000 each month, plus an extra $1000 in July for my birthday and in December for Christmas. It’d be so easy to get up to that amount. And that doesn’t even count any goody bag or other hypno mp3 purchases, be they for financial domination or one of the other areas I’ve explored.

Obviously many cannot afford this, and any small tribute is appreciated as it does add up. But if you get into the fantasy of spending big money on a Dominant, try one of my free hypnosis files and take a listen to the free preview below. If you like it, you know where you can go to find it and buy it!

There truly is no better gift than cash – except more cash!

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