Does #Master like When #CashSlaves Go Thru #FinancialRuin ? #FinDom

It’s true I do offer some files that encourage financial ruin… but this is for those that crave that. After all, if you are such a pathetic loser as to seek out bankruptcy, then I know my hypnosis can help you to accept those desires and get over your fears. And I know that if you’re going to be giving away your money, not only do I want it, I also am the one most WORTHY of your loser money.

But when it comes to ongoing financial domination, I do not prefer ruin. I prefer moneyslaves, paypigs, and cashfags that work for a living and can therefore make ongoing tributes. I like these inferiors to stay healthy, and thus they are allowed to take care of needs such as food. And if they have a family, of course they can help with the family.

What they come to realize is that whatever they want is not nearly as important as I want… for what could they possibly want except for what my hypnosis can give them? Be it pleasure or humiliation, lifting a cashslave up to his destiny or reminding a moneypig exactly where they belong… that extra money isn’t needed by them. That extra money is better off going to a Superior. And because I can make you feel so much with my hypnosis, I am the one you wish to give that extra money too.

So stay healthy, and keep working for a long, long time… I’m looking forward to your tributes for many years to come.

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