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I’ve posted before about how it is an inferior’s place to suffer and sacrifice in order to provide more for their Superior(s). I’ve given a few ideas here and there, but I thought it might be good to compile some of these – expanding and adding onto them – into one post. Of course the first and most important step is recognizing that it is never about what you want, for all you should want is the pleasure and perhaps humiliation of being put in your place by Master Josh or your own Master, Mistress, or other Dom(me). What else can you do to have extra cash for your Superior (besides the obvious of opening up more credit cards)?

  • Buy generic and inexpensive foods. You can still eat healthy if you desire, for We want you healthy not because we care about you, but because We want you to be able to make Us more money.
  • Cook your own food and bring meals to work. Eating out adds up fast, and should be considered an undeserved luxury for inferiors.
  • Visit the dollar stores. Such places can especially help you save on things such as cleaning supplies – unless of course you are cleaning for your Superior and He/She has preferences.
  • If you need clothes, be fine with cheap retail store clothing, wait for items that are on clearance, or visit second-hand stores.
  • Always search for coupons and discounts. For example if you need a medication but don’t have insurance, did you know there are discount programs (at least in the U.S.)? They especially help you save on the generic versions of any prescriptions.
  • When it comes to things like music, movies, video games… those aren’t things you need or deserve, loser.
  • When it comes to buying gifts such as for upcoming Christmas, look for the deals and sales – and always make sure that the most expensive gift you buy is a gift for your Superior. Isn’t it right that He/She get a better gift from you than what you buy your own loved ones? I know your pathetic dick gets hard at that thought.
  • A bigger purchase might be allowed in the short-term if it allows you to have more money for your Superior long-term. For example, items that help save on the energy bill. A bitchass like you should be ready to commit to this for the long haul.
  • Another example of that is perhaps buying home gym equipment if you regularly go to the gym … equipment that should be bought used from places such as Craigslist. One can also consider simply using bodyweight and minimal equipment such as a pull up bar. I hate to say skip this stuff altogether when I also do a lot of musclemesmerizer hypnosis, but one can at the very least choose a cheap gym. It’s not like a loser like you needs nice amenities. (If you’re lucky enough to have this through work, ignore this.)
  • Don’t forget that as you learn to live on your lower budget, that means any extra cash from tax refunds, work bonuses, lottery/sweepstakes winnings, inheritances, etc. should automatically go to those that are Superior.

And consider these questions:

  • What items do you have that you don’t need and could sell yourself on Craigslist?
  • Are you able to forgo a car and walk, bike, or use public transportation for cheaper?
  • Do you really need as much space as you have, or can you downgrade to a smaller place that’d be cheaper?
  • Any costly habits you could work on giving up, or substituting (i.e. making own coffee versus a chain, or quitting smoking) so that you can better support your Superior?
  • Could you do something to earn extra money such as a second job, or utilizing a skill/talent you can make some cash doing on the side of your primary job?

Remember that it then doesn’t matter how your Superior spends the money that is rightfully His/Hers simply for being Superior. It could go towards bills, groceries, loans, vacations, gifts for others, new clothes, jewelry, a new car, going out with friends, going on dates, enjoying the amenities of the best gym around, video games, whatever the hell We want or need, even savings. Deep down, though, you know that money is better off in Our hands… that it was meant to be earned through hard work by a loser like you just so you could give it away to somebody more worthy of having it, such as Master Josh. f

Last, but not least, if you’re just handing out money to whoever happens to be online, stop and consider if that person is really worth it. Your money should be going to a true Superior. Those that have listened to my hypnosis know I am simply due to my skill and power over them, and spending a bit on training with Master Josh is definitely allowed – so give my hypnosis a listen for yourself.

Then after you’ve properly saved and budgeted… and even if you haven’t and simply are adding to your debt… you can go ahead and click here to go send a nice big TRIBUTE. Remember… it’s okay to give in 😉




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