2015 Resolutions for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #CashFags #Slaves #Pigs

Tomorrow I will post about my resolutions, but here are some suggestions for you ahead of the New Year tomorrow:

1) Tribute more to your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
2) Buy more gifts for your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
3) Go deeper than ever. Even if you’ve never been hypnotized before, pick a free file that fits with your interests (or just my general file) and listen to each night until you realize that you’re able to stop overthinking it and just let go deep down into trance. You can start here.

1) Set an amount to tribute on a regular basis. It could be $1/day, $5/week, $50/month – perhaps something even more random. It doesn’t matter, just pick it and stick with it and do it at each interval from now until 12/31/2015.
2) Not good at keeping to schedules? Pick an amount instead to work up to. Do you want to give $5000 by the end of the year? You could go less or more, just pick an amount that excites you and keep track in a log each time you pay to your one true Superior, Master Josh. Consider my $14000 file.
3) Accept that being financially dominated is what you want, need, and derive pleasure from, even when you feel humiliated after. Don’t try to fight it any longer but give in and accept your fate, your destiny, to serve those that are Superior. Self-acceptance may be the best gift you can give yourself in 2015.

1) See how long you can go in chastity at the start of 2015 – try to beat any previous records.
2) Know someone with a cage or good with ropes? Take some vacation days from work and try for a new record in being bound or held captive.
3) Try a new fetish… perhaps one that has stirred that cock but scared you. You have a year to find a Master, Mistress, or other Dominant(s) willing to explore with you in person but don’t wait too long… go expand your limits (I have files that can help with this on my pigmesmerizer.com site).
4) Unless you have a Dom/me(s) that prefers you fat or as a skinny twink, start working out more and get into the best shape you can get in, knowing that fit fagmeat is likely to be more appealing to those that get into in-person scenes. Aside from the fagmeat file here, I also have more workout motivation at jockmesmerizer.com.
5) Find a way to give back more. For example, those of you with artistic talents could send me stories, artwork, etc. for use on my blogs or that I could use and make profit from elsewhere.

Just a reminder, I will be offline and offphone thru the first week in January… I’ll try to respond to e-mails as I can but no chat or Niteflirt for the time being due to the holidays. Still, I want to hear from you, so go ahead… pledge to make 2015 better. Comment or send me a message about your 2015 New Year’s Resolution, let me know if I have permission to include in a future post & how you’d like credited if so, and then send a nice little tribute as a promise of sticking to your resolution. Might as well transition from one year to the next in style. 😉

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